The History of the Co-operative

We have been learning about the history of the Co-operative and creating our own booklets using Microsoft Publisher. What facts have you learned about the cooperative and the Rochdale Pioneers? What interesting information could you include in a fact box?

3 Responses to “The History of the Co-operative”

  1. Freya Says:

    The co-op stopped people who added gravel to flower to make it more expensive and added bricks on scales aswell as the things the people buy.

  2. Ariana Says:


    In the Victorian times shopkeepers would trick the poor bye putting rocks on the scale to make it look like the right amount when it wasn’t and that the poor was hardly getting any food. That is why they opened the cooprerative so the poor couldn’t be tricked anymore and have proper food.

    class 11

  3. Ryan Says:

    Good work everyone.

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