The Victorian Era

The Co-operative was first founded in the Victorian era. Use the link to find out all about Victorian times and how the world was changing and complete your timeline.

What events or inventions happened during Victorians times?

5 Responses to “The Victorian Era”

  1. cl112013 Says:

    Queen Victoria was made queen when she was only 18!

  2. Ruby Says:

    Did you know that queen Victoria married her own cousin called Prince Albert?Then queen Victoria died so her son was Edward VII and earlier Albert died of Typhoid

  3. Ariana Says:

    Queen Victoria was very strict
    I can’t believe she was only 18 when she became queen.

    Class 11

  4. Gabriel Taylor Says:

    queen Victoria was crowned queen at 18 years old!!!!!!

  5. Olivia Says:

    Victoria became queen when she was only 18

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