Tutankahmun By Kane

Tutankahmun was born in 1346 BCE in the capital city of Egypt Akhenaten (1353-1332 BCE) .When he was only ten years old he became king of Egypt .Tutankahmun reigned Egypt until he was nineteen years of age. Mysteriously he died there is no remaining evidence left of how he died But Scans show fatal injurys and a bent spine but DNA tests show that he could of died of common diseases .His bent spine might of not been involved in his death because they suspect he had problems walking and the evidence that shows that was that he was buried with lots of canes for the afterlife .

Mask of Tutankhamun's mummy, the popular icon for ancient Egypt at The Egyptian Museum.



2 Responses to “Tutankahmun By Kane”

  1. Will F Says:

    really good description kane !

  2. chloe Says:

    I like your work!

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