Aidan’s Diary Entry

Thursday 18th July

Dear Diary

Today was the day that I nearly got the cheese touch! The cheese touch is similar to a disease, but different. Here’s how it started off… I ran across the school playground until I stumbled across a slice of cheese. I crouched over and slowly moved my finger towards it. I moved it closer and closer and when I was about to touch it, STOP!!! came a voice. You almost got the cheese touch! What on earth was that? I thought to myself. I asked him. He said that the cheese touch was something bad in the school. One day, a child named Daren made the biggest mistake of his life because he touched the cheese! Everyone ran away from him in shock. The only way to get rid of the cheese touch was by passing it on to someone else. And so began the cheese touch frenzy. That means that people were passing it on to everyone. Friend to friend, enemy to enemy, children to teachers until one day, a German exchange student got the cheese touch and had no idea what it was. He traveled back to Germany, taking the cheese touch with him. So the cheese sits there patiently for it’s next victim. This is a terrible place…

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