Dear Diary, by Emelia

Dear Diary,

The hot burning summer sun was flying over my head making me feel dizzy and stupid .It was boring so I considered peeping into my sister’s book, and boy was I wrong! I mean who reads a book with no pictures or conversations? Minuets went by and I saw the most unusual thing; a rabbit not just any rabbit, he had pink eyes a waistcoat and out popped a little stopwatch! He blurted “I’m late I’m late “In shock I ran as fast as I could until: a large black whole appeared.  No hesitation needed the white rabbit hopped down it and after it I came.

The rabbit was not within sight but lovely wild flowers and vast green plants sprouted from the ground. This wasn’t our world, was it? Smoke poured out of some leaves. Oh and of course this was abit weird but I went with it

2 Responses to “Dear Diary, by Emelia”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Great describing and good interesting Vocabulary Emelia . Well done!

  2. Eva and Thomas Says:

    Well done Emelia great use of vocabulary.

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