Diary of a Wimpy Kid, by Ben M

Wednesday 15 October 2014


Dear Diary


Today I climbed up a ladder at the country club to do the high dive, just to impress Holly Hills.  I slowly walked up to the top.  I thought it was pretty high but kept going. Then a little girl came up and said that I was scared!  I told her it she was crazy – I mean, why I would be scared?  I walked slowly across the diving board, in tiny, tiny steps, terrified of falling.

As I looked down I noticed that Holly had looked away.  Suddenly, I slipped!  I fell off the diving board and into the water with a great big splosh.  When I looked up I realised my trunks were on the top of the diving board!  I waved my hand at her and pointed to the trunks and water to tell her to throw them down.  She said she didn’t understand and threw them towards the wall instead of to me.  As I was looking at the silly kid, Holly appeared next to me and asked if I wanted to join her with some ice cream.  Gutted!  I had to say no.  Then Patty dived under water with her goggles on.  I swam for my life towards the steps.  I was stuck in the pool for the next seven hours and looked like a prune when I got out.

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