Electronic Communication


There are lots of different ways of sending messages to people electronically.

How many different ways can you think of?

9 Responses to “Electronic Communication”

  1. cl112013 Says:

    The ways I know are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instegram.
    by Dani and Ben

  2. emelia Says:

    there are lots of ways to communicate on the internet like snapchat

  3. Ryan and clayton Says:

    One of the ways to send a message online is snap chat.

  4. Isabelle Says:

    Email, snapchat, instagram and messages is a way of how to send messages.

  5. cl112013 Says:

    the apps to use to message are Snapchat,messenger,whatsap,skype and facebook by reanne and thomas

  6. cl112013 Says:

    To text you need to use any electronic devices such as I pad, I pod, I phone (any I phone) Laptop , Computer and there and there’s many more.

    By Grace and Eva

  7. cl112013 Says:

    the apps you can use to message are snapchat, messanger, instergram and twitter
    by Ruby and Joe

  8. James and Miaa Says:

    I-pads, Phones and Laptops have very many different ways of communicating over electronic devices. Some of these include; Snapchat, Skype, pic-collage, and many more!

  9. cl112013 Says:

    Snapchat , facebook , instagram Skype twitter whatsapp messenger text messages email parents need to check on kids and they are dangerous

    Nicole and dylan

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