As part of electronic communication, this week we are going to be looking at emails and some of the different features available.

There is a blank email below. Do you know what all of the features do?

email blank

5 Responses to “Emails”

  1. Isabelle and Thomas Says:

    To attach something to your email you click the paperclip sign.

  2. cl112013 Says:

    the smiley face is to select an emoji

    Nicole and dylan

  3. cl112013 Says:

    you can make it go BOLD and underline it

    by sam

  4. cl112013 Says:

    We know that…
    TO: is for who the email is to
    Add a subject: is to add a subject

  5. cl112013 Says:

    the smiley face means to select the emoji the paperclip means to attach

    Nicole and dylan

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