Freddie Fit

Today we worked with Freddie Fit to do some exercise and learn more about how to keep healthy.

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What exercise did you enjoy the most? What did you find tricky and what was easier?

18 Responses to “Freddie Fit”

  1. Bree Says:

    The trickeiest part was the jumping and then the press ups.

  2. Ariana Says:

    I thought that the trickiest part was at the end when we had to do 30 seconds of press ups and other tricky skills.

    Class 11

  3. Ben Says:

    The trickiest part was where we had thirty seconds and then twenty second break all over again.

    Class 11

  4. Lauren Says:

    I really liked doing hulahooping and doing the thirty seconds exercise and twenty second rest I am still doing this exercise every morning and every night I hope we see freddy again

  5. Melanie and Megan Says:

    The best part of Freddy Fit was the hula hoop competition.

  6. Oscar and Sophie Says:

    The trickiest bit about doing Freddie fit is doing the hula hooping

  7. ruby Says:

    I thought Freddie was fun and interactive with the kids of Hopwood c.p

  8. Bree Says:

    I really liked how we did the competition

  9. Alfie Says:

    My favorite part of Freddie fit was tghe hola hooping

  10. Bree Says:

    I liked how we did the 3 hoolahopa challenge .

  11. Chloe Says:

    I really enjoyed Freddy Fit

  12. Ariana Says:

    The trickiest part for me was the press ups we had to do at the ed for 30 seconds. The fun bit was the hula hoop competition.

    Class 11

  13. Zak Says:

    That was so tiring. 🙂 Thank you Freddy!!!!

  14. Freya Says:

    I really liked the music and that he made us all laugh. 🙂

  15. Emily Says:

    It was very exhausting, i loved the hula-hooping it was really fun !

  16. Ruby Says:

    I really liked Freddie and he was very funny as well , I love how he made it active and I like be when he comes ,although I thought the hardest part about it was when he made us do the F.I.T. I also came in the finals in the hula-hoop competition ,it was very easy!

  17. Jonathan Says:

    I enjoyed Freddy fit so much. It was so much fun

  18. nathan Says:

    I love you your writing

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