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google earth

Can you find a river in Prague, Berlin, New York or Paris? Can you navigate your way to these cities and locate the river? Can you find out the name?

9 Responses to “Google Earth”

  1. william and oscar Says:

    The river in new York is Sacandaga River

  2. kaiden and megan Says:

    We found a river in New York and in Paris.

  3. kane and callum Says:

    the river sien runs through paris

  4. Mason & Alfie G Says:

    We Found a river in Berlin called River Spree.

  5. Ben Y Says:

    The river in berlin is called the river spree.

  6. Gabriel and hezam Says:

    in new York we found the new York river

  7. william and oscar Says:

    the river in Dublin is River Liffey

  8. Sophie and Chloe Says:

    On Google earth we found Heywood and our school !

  9. Megan and Kaiden Says:

    we found a river in Paris called Torte Dane.

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