How to Catch Dreams, by Leah

What you will need:

Small glass jars

White labels

A pen (for the lables)

A big black briefcase (to blend into the dark)

A net

Big, sensitive ears ( to hear the dreams)


What to do:

1)  Firstly, grab glass  jar and put a label on it saying dreams on it .

2)  Secondly, put the glass jars into the black briefcase and set of for the nearest village

3)  If you hear a annoying buzzing noise then get your net and quickly lash out your net to catch the dream.

4)  Now quickly screw on the lid and make sure it hasn’t escaped.

5) Now sneakily  and stealthly creep up to a childs window ( but make sure they are asleep) and blow the dream into the childs ear.

If you follow these steps correctly the the child should have a brilliant dream. Now you can be a dream catcher like the BFG (Big Friendly Giant).

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