Multicultural Arts Week

This week we have had an amazing time creating artwork, music and dances as part of Multicultural Arts Week.

Created with Padlet

14 Responses to “Multicultural Arts Week”

  1. Lucie Says:

    Art week is the best day of my life. Well done that is amazing piece of art work.

  2. Ariana Says:

    Great art piece
    I did the starting bit
    It was awesome

  3. Bree Says:

    great art piece my favourite bit of it all was working together as a team and getting the job done i loved it

  4. Sophie Says:

    Art week was the best week. My favourite thing was doing the panda art because I love pandas they are so cute.

  5. Zak Says:

    Wow. That art piece is amazing.

  6. Zak Says:

    Wow☺️☺️. That is an amazing piece of art.

  7. Melanie Says:

    I love how you painted this canvas. You guys have a very artistic talent.

  8. Ruby Says:

    I love the canvas I actually helped paint it very coulerfull and I give it 5 stars

  9. Isaac Says:

    I LOVED art week it was outstanding! My favourite part was helping make the giant Panda!

  10. Kaiden Says:

    I enjoyed art week this week my favourite bit was the pandas

  11. Oscar Says:

    My favourite part was making the plates

  12. Lauren Says:

    It is amazing work

  13. Ryan Says:

    Good work everyone.

  14. Freya Says:

    My favourite piece of work I made was the panda art using oil pastels. There is a display in the year 5&6 small hall.

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