Setting a Scene

Today, we created huge mind maps with words and phrases to describe a beach. We thought about all of our senses and improved our descriptive words using a thesaurus. We then created similes and metaphors using our WOW vocabulary.

Beach Scene

Beach Scene by Jodi

The sky is as clear as a jewel on the Queen’s crown. The silky, rich sand falls into your foot shape whilst you walk. The blinding sun looks down unforgivingly, like a scorching oven, baking the visitors who are sunbathing on the sweltering, peaceful beach. The tall, towering, luscious, green palm trees are as pretty as the pure, summer’s view!

Which features from our descriptive toolbox has Jodi used?

Beach Scene by Daisy

Blazing, the sun is an oven, continuously beating down on the powdery sand. Tilting like the Earth on its axis, the standing palm tree is proud to offer the only shade on the deserted beach. Tickling my nose, the salty air hovers around me willingly. The waves lap onto the sand, eating it away, bit by bit. The sea is like an angry tiger waiting for its prey. Like silk beneath my feet, the sand is as soft as a cloud.

We loved Daisy’s use of personification. Can you spot it?

Beach Scene by Zahraa

The scorching sun descends its warmth upon the relaxed sunbathers. Its rays dance between the leaves of the slanted palm tree: the shadow of the tree creates a cool paradise for content sunbathers. The clouds are as soft as a cotton ball. A calm, pure breeze gently kisses the cheeks of the cheerful children. The sleek, silky sand enticingly circles your feet. The water is as blue as a valuable sapphire; it rapidly crashes against the delighted swimmers.

Zahraa has been using de:de sentences in her work. Could you write one of your own?


6 Responses to “Setting a Scene”

  1. Emogen Says:

    Wow good work Zarhaa, Daisy and Jodi you’ve done well!!!

  2. Jamie Says:

    Jodi has used lots of interesting adjectives, also, Daisy’s personification has been used very well.

  3. Aidan Says:

    I agree with Jamie. Diasy has used personification well. I also like the first sentence on Jodi’s writing. Well done everybody! You did well!

  4. Zahraa Says:

    I love Daisy’s use of personification, and Jodie used some very interesting adjectives.

  5. Madison Says:

    I loved Jodi’s paragraph about the beach and I loved the part when she described the sky in its best way ,I really enjoyed reading the information about it.

  6. Niamh Says:

    I enjoyed reading all three paragraphs they were all very descriptive and interesting .

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