Space adventure by Jamie

“We’re coming down!”I cried,whilst fiddling with the controls. We were on rocket and the incredible machine had ran out of fuel.My friend,Harvey,was trembling. However,I can’t say that I wasn’t afraid myself. My legs had turned to jelly. The impact as we hit the unknown planet was tremendous. I could taste the horrible taste of blood in my mouth. Just then it struck me that the planet was made of ice. Ben had also realised and was already opening the door so that he could swim to the surface. Harvey,on the other hand,was freaking out. I refused to let him drown,furthermore,I tried to help him. Eventually, I persuaded him come with me.However,by the time I did this water was rushing into the rocket.We both began to swim to the surface, although, it was very hard in the heavy spacesuit.Water was beginning to get into my helmet.I could see Harvey struggling like me,in addition to this,Ben was on the surface. He stretched out his hand and I grabbed his it. Once I was on the planet,I looked for Harvey. There was no sign of him. Finally,I saw a hand and grabbed it. I lifted him out,we had all survived.

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