The cheese touch, by Jamie P

Friday 10th October


Dear diary

Today was almost the worst day of my life. Ok, me and Kyle were walking across the school yard when we saw a hanging Piece of cheese. Leaning over, I reached down to touch the rotting cheese. Suddenly, Ravi yelled at me to stop. He told me I had almost got the cheese touch.I asked him what in the world the cheese touch. He sounded amazed that I had never heard of the cheese touch. Ravi told me the story of the cheese touch.It started when a year 8 touched the dreaded cheese.The students scattered away from the silly year 8. He told me how an unliving piece of cheese could cause so much chaos in a school.Seriously,he wasn’t lying ,he sounded way too serious. Anyway,even teachers were running scared from students, even the completely innocent  were being abandoned by their friends.People were acting as if the cheese touch could kill you.Well,according to Ravi, anyway. Eventually, it was passed on newest teacher at that time. The Head teacher was forced to take action. She decided to fire the poor school teacher. That was the end of the cheese touch. Or so Ravi told us. So the cheese sits and waits for it’s next victim. This is a terrible place.

One Response to “The cheese touch, by Jamie P”

  1. charlie Says:

    I really like this because you put a lot of punction in this.

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