The cheese touch, the worst day of my life. By Zahraa.

Monday 26 February 2014

Dear Diary,

Today was the WORST day of my life. BIG MISTAKE. I (gulp) touched the cheese!!! Me and Em were just chatting walking across the yard. Well arguing more like, over who had better grades. The Rowley rescued me, and oh my, I RAN! We puffed, he panted while I ranted. I was midway of calling her an ‘insolent, goody two shoes yet bad wordy bush’ when I saw cheese. I clutched the stitch that was in my chest, and bent over. I was touching it when Rowley screamed. He was really concerned, but it was only like, mouldy cheese! A kid suddenly screamed out that I had the CHEEEEESE TOUCH! Everyone scattered. Well, Rowley didn’t. So I touched him. And then, a frenzy was created…

I guess I did feel sorry for him. He probably did for himself too. But he hadn’t lost all sense. A little kid was passing by, Rowley touched him. He walked past Kyle. Touch. And so on it went. School isn’t epic. It was an epidemic of cheese touch, that was what school was.

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  1. cl112013 Says:

    very good uses of vocabulary and punctuation

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