The General Election

Today in English, we discussed the General Election and how it affects us as children. In groups, we created our own political parties, thinking up a name and a slogan for them. We also wrote our own manifestos with 5 main policies.

Here are our 4 parties and their manifestos:

The Circle of Life

votes 1  IMG_3680

The Girl Party

votes 2  IMG_3689

The Primary Politics Party

votes 3  IMG_3683

The Hopwood Heroes

votes 4  IMG_3694

Each party presented their manifesto to the rest of the class and took questions and feedback. We really enjoyed listening to everyone’s exciting ideas for how they would change our country.

Which party would you vote for?


6 Responses to “The General Election”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I would vote for the circle of life because I like animals and it would it encourage people to look after animals.

    by Matthew

  2. Aidan Says:

    I would vote for the hopwood heroes because they care about the environment.

  3. Zahraa Says:

    I would vote for ‘The Girl Party’ because they really thought about their policies.

  4. Brandon Says:

    I would vote for the circle of life because they care about animals.

  5. Taylor Says:

    I would vote for `The girl party` because they have very good policy’s

  6. Niamh Says:

    I would vote for The Girl Party because I agree with most of their policies.

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