The great plague by Mia

The plague was a terrible disease that started in 1665 in London .The great plague was also called the black death.There was a huge outbreak in London , England.

A  foul disease

The plague started in 1665 and struck the first ever person to die of the plague, Marget Pontoes . It came from the rats that lived in the dreadful streets of London. The rats had got the plague of a tiny insect the flea , the rats had anough food to  survive  and not die out. It is belived to be passed on by coughing near poeple or sneezing near people. coughing and sneezing are not just the only symptoms  theres more for example sweating, aching, vomiting and coughing up blood however thats not all of them. Theres more like diarrhea, fever and confusion, finally oreas and boils also know as buboes which are then followed by death.

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  1. Niamh Says:

    Well done Mia you have wrote some very interesting facts in your writing about the plague i can tell you have worked very hard keep up the good work :-]

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