The Ruin, By Bradley

The ruin
As I wandered around the desolate, lifeless city, which was wiped-out long ago by AI, I felt like it was an ordinary day- but I knew it wasn’t. It was much more dangerous. Looking around, a small box caught my attention; when I got over to the box (which seemed to be in worse shape from close up) I looked at the rusty hinges, thinking about the device I needed to cure the Nano-virus. I tried to open it but it didn’t work- I kicked it and the small door swung open. Looking through the contents of the box I felt a feeling of hopelessness. Finally I found it (but I was suddenly disturbed by a strange noise, should I ignore, could I ignore it). Then I realised what those noises were and I did not want to be around them. It was the Gyrocopter!

Running as fast as I could to get back to my motorcycle, I slid down the small ramp and hopped on it. Racing down the apocalyptic-like road, I could no longer hear the metallic humming; I looked back only to discover that the Gyrocopter had been replaced by two smaller probes flying at even faster speeds. I decided, the best way to survive was to lose them so I found the darkest tunnel I could find. Unfortunately for me, was what I didn’t know was that the probes had lights. Speeding ahead, I heard a powerful purple laser shoot behind me. I decided to take action, throwing a stick of dynamite behind me I knew that once they came into close contact with it that they would be destroyed. It worked. Suddenly, the Gyrocopter came out of nowhere. I’d had enough. Pulling my sword out, I leapt off my bike and stabbed it.

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