The ruins, By Isabelle

The ruins

Grass covered the lifeless town. Once modern houses were now crumbling apart. I approached the dusty dry town; it was murky and smoky. Moss was crawling up the mossy trees (which were wilting). Slowly tip-toeing, I began to wonder what happened to my once joyful town to make it this gloomy. Not one bird in the sky. It was almost like the town had been attacked. But what by? Sky-scrapers with smashed windows glared down on the cracked stone pathway. Why did this happen to the innocent town? Finally I reached the box!
The rusty door was close to falling off. I booted the front causing the lid to fall apart. Peering into the box wishing the thing I was looking for was there, stood the smashed screen. Hands shaking, I reached for the screen and grabbed it. One the delicate screen it read, NANO BOTS 3, 2, 1! Suddenly a deafening crash came from behind me. I slowly turned around and there stood a large, metallic machine guns on the side of it. As fast as I could, I rushed as fast as I could to my motorbike.
Suddenly I remembered I had my laser which could cut through metal. Quickly I grabbed it and through my laser at it! I had defeated the monster! I saw the last dying embers of the machine. It should make a difference, which will be triumphantly, to the others.

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