The Ruins, By Nicole

It seemed to be a day like any other. Wandering around the abandoned and desolate wastelands- hunting for the object. As I looked around the unusual city everything got ruined and that was really sad. Every plant was over grown, they were around, (fully covered) the buildings; even houses! Carefully, I scavenged around the crumbling ruins, and I got startled by a mysterious, metallic box; should I open the box?… Well I did kick the box open in frustration; then I saw what I was hunting for, the electric device although it was slightly cracked but at least it was working. At the corner of my eye the gyrocopter and the soldier- like drones aggressively heading straight towards me. My first thought that I should run. Now. Quickly!
I jumped onto my motorbike and rode it as fast as I could and drove like a race car. The soldier- like drones tried to shoot me and to shoot me down but luckily I have been practising my motorbike skills. I went down the tunnel, I went the opposite way to the hill and the drone followed me to the top.
I quickly got my shining sword out and the device and I put them together and the sword became electric. Running like at the Olympics, I jumped and stabbed the sword in its head plus it exploded and when I got back, the whole city started to cheer for me because I saved the city and I became the hero of the city.

One Response to “The Ruins, By Nicole”

  1. cl112013 Says:

    I love how you have used lots of good adjectives it gives it more suspense Well Done!

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